God’s Revelation In You

When God’s revelations become apparent in your life, I would think they are just for you. They are never to then go and broadcast to the masses as if 187-bill-reflectGod has made you a messenger of “rules to follow” so a curse, from God, would be lifted. That would be the ego getting the upperhand. Take the revelation and apply it to your life….then be an example of the self sacrificing other-centered Love of Jesus. Isn’t that what revelation is anyway? I still contend that God is not nearly concerned about our sin as we think. God is not surprised by any of it. Have peace in that. ¬†However, it seems that God does want us to see how our sin affects others….see the revelation…and then change from what our ego tries to justify. God is Love. When that is realised, go and live that out to the best of your abilities.

Commitment to Church

I was at a church once where the pastor was giving the history of that church and listed all of the good and the bad that had happened. Even in the midst of this sermon, the pastor admitted fault and sin of giving in to pressures of those around him that wanted specific results of the organization. I thought this was excellent…a real person behind a pulpit that realized his choices have affected people both good and bad.
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