Atonement Theory

Easter just passed us by and it is the time of year that we reflect on Life….that the life of Jesus was resurrected from the dead. Along with that, we also recognize that Jesus died first, or course, to make a resurrection possible. So, it’s this time of year that people ask questions surrounding the … More Atonement Theory

“Grasping” for Success cannot be Confused with Love

In my last article, I gave my thoughts on how Jesus did not “grasp” for relevance but knew that Love is the only true revelation of the Father. The idea is presented by Paul in Philippians 2: 1-11, but specifically verse 5 saying, “Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus,  who, although … More “Grasping” for Success cannot be Confused with Love

Liparos and Lampros

Originally posted on New Horizons:
When sin entered the world through lust man became separated from God, and because of that separation we have inherited a false value system.  Thankfully, Jesus came to restore us to a true value system. Now when we are in union with God through Christ we can share His desires…

God is Real

Originally posted on The Better Thing:
God is real, you can know Him personally and intimately and once you do, there’s more. It’s an eternal pursuit, a perpetual longing so we need never settle into a smug “I’ve got God all figured out” way of living. We can wake up each day eager for what…