Is Evangelicalism Fading Away Because Of Its Hypocrisy?

The political landscape, since Trump took office or even started running, has changed….and not for the good. In fact, the putrid stench of Trumps partisan politics is what may get people to wake up and and want real change that’s good for the American `people. You can only want to get rid of what’s bad … More Is Evangelicalism Fading Away Because Of Its Hypocrisy?

The Copycat Church

This is the idea that no church is original, but all churches are mimicking other successful churches that are, in turn, mimicking other churches that have been successful. See the pattern? “What? How can this be? My church is amazing!” Famous words from just about everyone that goes and commits to a church. However, the reality is, … More The Copycat Church


I have to question whether or not “influence” is good with in Christianity. Why? Because I can’t help but think that when another is influenced by someone, that someone is trying to make the other move according to what they may seem is right or wrong. The word “influence” is used very generously in church … More Influence

Integrity In The Body

One use of the word integrity goes like this, according to Webster, “adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty”. I like how simple this is. Based off of this definition, if we have integrity, we are moral, ethical, and honest. The other definition of the word would be pertaining to the make up of a structure. Webster says this, “a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition”, … More Integrity In The Body

Managing People

One of the natural things we do when we want to get something done is create a plan that most likely will get us there. If the job is a little bigger than what we can handle, we convince people to get on board with the objective and hope that it moves forward. In the … More Managing People