Fake News? What About Fake Religion?

This past election cycle has been crazy. You could put it all under a circus tent because it literally is like a circus on reality TV. Maybe past elections have been like this and I just didn’t realize it….But it’s been crazy. The idea of “fake news” and “alternative facts” have truth-is-minebeen thrown out there in the last few month or so. This has all been very alarming to me. Why? Because people are taking sides in this big mess when I think it’s safe to say that we have no clue what’s actually going on. Yet we are dogmatic on our politicians and their confusing stances on policy. Just recently , Donald Trump said that “healthcare will be accessible to everyone” when on the campaign trail he said it would be provided for everyone. That’s a big difference and a big deal. They are not the same things…Yet those who champion Trump will not be shaken even though the facts have been alluded. Continue reading “Fake News? What About Fake Religion?”

It’s Artificial….That’s Why!

We have seen so many people talking about how the youth of America are leaving the church, they don’t want to be there, or they don’t want to be called christian. Yet they still want to know God. We have an issue at hand that many in the religious institutions are willing to talk about but always point the finger and never look in the mirror. Unfortunately, the religious institutions very well could be creating this problem and the problem starts with the experience at these churches…and the experiences are just that…Experiences! imagesIt’s the realization that the experience leaves reality and enters into the artificial. Why? Because an artificial experience can be used to create, mold, and shape people and also bring about the desires of those in leadership at the religious institutions. At the forefront of the leadership is preservation. Preservation is the number one driver of the artificial experience at churches….it’s the desire to survive. The desire to be important. The desire to be famous. The desire to be relevant. The desire of the people to commit to what the leader’s vision and mission are. The desire to find wholeness that comes from people and not Christ. And this is what the youth today see right through.

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7 Days a week…..

If someone acts a certain way at church on Sunday morning but differently the other 6 days of the week…..isn’t that called pretending? So why do people get into worship at church’s in a very charismatic way but don’t act like that the rest of the week? I’m talking more along the lines of how they outwardly express themselves….not inward motivation. The band starts up and they fall into a trance like state. Or they rush in to the service to experience the music. Why is this? Continue reading “7 Days a week…..”