Caught In Sin But Already Forgiven

I’m starting to see that the story of the woman caught in adultery is one of the most influential stories in the bible…at least to me. It has been a story that has always caused people to reflect on themselves, putting themselves in the place of the stone throwers. This is always good. We need to critique ourselves. We need to be honest with ourselvesjesus-woman-in-adultery to the point that we become better at being kind to others….wanting what’s best for others. It’s the whole body that thrives as we share each others burdens that makes this all work. When we make it all about how righteous we are, how well I obey God, or that we are going to heaven when we die, then we make it very exclusive and we shun those who are on the outside. We see crazy examples like Westboro Baptist that show how our doctrines can actually destroy others through righteous exclusivity. If you go to a church out of obedience to God, that’s where it can start. That “I’m righteous because I’m obedient” attitude grows in us when it’s fed by the pastors that enable it from the pulpit. This is what we must critique in ourselves…the ability to exclude which tears us from the body. Our ability to want to pick up the stone and throw it is real…our obedience to our doctrines justifies the cutting off of another from the body. We feel vindicated to cut the branch off the vine in the name of God….as if God is demanding it. But God is not!

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God’s Revelation In You

When God’s revelations become apparent in your life, I would think they are just for you. They are never to then go and broadcast to the masses as if 187-bill-reflectGod has made you a messenger of “rules to follow” so a curse, from God, would be lifted. That would be the ego getting the upperhand. Take the revelation and apply it to your life….then be an example of the self sacrificing other-centered Love of Jesus. Isn’t that what revelation is anyway? I still contend that God is not nearly concerned about our sin as we think. God is not surprised by any of it. Have peace in that. ¬†However, it seems that God does want us to see how our sin affects others….see the revelation…and then change from what our ego tries to justify. God is Love. When that is realised, go and live that out to the best of your abilities.

The “My Church” Syndrome

One definition of the word Syndrome is, “A complex of symptoms indicating the existence of an undesirable condition or quality”. Along with that, the definition of Symptom is, “a sign of the existence of something, esp. of an undesirable situation”. So, a Syndrome is a bunchdownload (1) of Symptoms combined to make an undesirable condition. I have heard over and over again phrases like, “My Church does it like this”, or “My Church doesn’t do that”. Or, the big one, “If you want to really hear God’s Word, come to my Church”. These phrases are the symptoms of a great disease called the “My Church Syndrome”. It’s very dangerous, contagious and very much alive today with in the Evangelical world. What we are doing, and I recognize that a lot of times it is done with good intentions, is we are declaring and believing that God is more in tune at “My Church” than at another… or that God is more accessible at “My Church” than another… or that God is working in us at “My Church” more than another. This is dangerous to believe because it is the way the world thinks. However, we live with this syndrome every week, and we show these symptoms every day. It is divisive and contrary to the Kingdom of God.

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