“Grasping” for Success cannot be Confused with Love

In my last article, I gave my thoughts on how Jesus did not “grasp” for relevance but knew that Love is the only true revelation of the Father. The idea is presented by Paul in Philippians 2: 1-11, but specifically verse 5 saying, “Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus,  who, although … More “Grasping” for Success cannot be Confused with Love

Jesus was the opposite of our churches desire to “grasp” for relevance…He was Love.

Philippians 2:1-11 has Paul explaining what the Gospel (good news) actually looks like being lived out in the Kingdom of God through positively mimicking Jesus as he displays the true nature of the Father. Read this article to start asking your own questions about the Kenotic Love of Jesus. … More Jesus was the opposite of our churches desire to “grasp” for relevance…He was Love.

The Copycat Church

This is the idea that no church is original, but all churches are mimicking other successful churches that are, in turn, mimicking other churches that have been successful. See the pattern? “What? How can this be? My church is amazing!” Famous words from just about everyone that goes and commits to a church. However, the reality is, … More The Copycat Church

Dying To Control

I just finished reading the book “Dying to Control: The 21st Century Dilemma”, by Leon R. Hayduchok, and I must say, this is a very relevant book in our post-modern (or even post -christian) world that we live in. In fact, you can go to Leon’s website and read a post on his blog about how … More Dying To Control


I have to question whether or not “influence” is good with in Christianity. Why? Because I can’t help but think that when another is influenced by someone, that someone is trying to make the other move according to what they may seem is right or wrong. The word “influence” is used very generously in church … More Influence