We are all on a journey and we all have important questions. The most important thing that I think we can see is that God loves us….everyone of us. So what does this mean? It means that you are free. Free to ask questions….questions about anything.

Don’t let any pastor, church, or institution deny you of what God freely invites you to do. If you have questions….then ask them. Feel more than free to ask them here. There is nothing to big that you cannot ask. Have you ever wondered about…

  1. Is God really and truly Love or did he call for all those people in the Old Testament to be killed?
  2. Why do some churches look more like a business than a place that Jesus would show up to?
  3. Is the bible to be taken literal?
  4. Did Jesus cast out actual demons or are they stories that have a deeper meaning?
  5. Is Genesis the exact history of the world or Hebrew literature handed
    down for centuries?
  6. Are churches supposed to be hierarchical?
  7. Do pastors actually have any authority over you…or anyone?
  8. If you have been hurt by a church or pastor…what should you do or think?
  9. Is tithing a biblical mandate or just a con to pay the light bills and salaries of the staff at a church?
  10. Or anything else you can imagine….

If you want to ask questions, then hang out here and read as much as you want. I’m asking questions as well.

Be free to ask…I think God can handle anything.