Worshiping with money?

I have always seen the fact that churches teach on tithing and giving, but isn’t it a little funny when the church is trying to raise funds for a building to expand at the same time as a tithing message? The point from the pastor is that the clients of the church are worshiping God with their money and there will be many blessings to come if they just give a little more to meet the building budget. Continue reading “Worshiping with money?”

The religious tendency to protect

How some people can defend a pastor of a church that openly contributes to the hurt of another because they disagree, is beyond me. This is what is said by the pastor, “If you don’t agree with me, then go to another church”. This is not good! A pastor is no greater than another in the body of Christ. In fact, they are completely equal. Supporting them, in my opinion is unethical and is religious protectionism.

I have lost the need….

I have come to a new conclusion in my journey with God. I have started to lose the need to convince people that I’m right (or that they’re wrong). This is a big deal to me.
I found myself in a conversation the other day about a problem in a church and had previously stated my opinion publicly. I was confronted by someone from that church and of course was told what the right thing to do was. I disagreed completely….and you know what? My need to convince them that I was right started to slip away. Continue reading “I have lost the need….”

…the greatest of these is Love.

I ran across a killer blog written by a man named David Hayward at www.nakedpastor.com. Here is a drawing that he did that really needs to make everyone think. In my opinion, Religion is on the right and God is on the left side of the equation. If you have any thoughts…share them.

love is greater than cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward