I’m a person that has seen a lot in religion and has seen a lot in church’s. I’m just wanting to explore what’s going on today in religious circles and how it affects people who are truly trying to figure this whole thing out about God and the person of Jesus.

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Be free to ask questions

It is no secret that more and more people are finding out that modern churches, especially in the United States, look more like entertainment venues than places for people to live their lives together and they are leaving little by little every day. We must come to terms with the fact that people are not honest with themselves or with each other about what to believe. In turn people are hurt in these settings and have no avenue to deal with the issues that come from emotional, spiritual, and even sometimes physical abuse. I think it is time we talk about these issues and stop hiding them to protect the religious institutions. I want to be free and ask questions, and I want you to as well. Be free and ask all the questions you want…I think God can handle it.

Let’s talk about God, Jesus, churches, and religion….Let me know what you think….I know you have thoughts on this as well. Make them known.




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