Is Evangelicalism Fading Away Because Of Its Hypocrisy?

The political landscape, since Trump took office or even started running, has 2018-01-08changed….and not for the good. In fact, the putrid stench of Trumps partisan politics is what may get people to wake up and and want real change that’s good for the American `people. You can only want to get rid of what’s bad only when you can see it in plain sight. For all you Clinton fans, she was not the right thing either. I will be so bold as to say that we needed Trump to show us how bad it can get, not knowing it can get this bad, forcing us to rethink who we are and where we need to go. We need to hold on to basic understandings of value, morality, ethical behavior, and just plain decency….which we seem to be lacking in the present political landscape. Trump has strategically stripped many of that conscious voice. When he lies, it seems as no big deal that support his political affiliation. Love has become more conditional now than ever.

If you voted for Trump because you hated Hillary Clinton, then you may be the problem as well. If you voted for Clinton because you hated Trump, you may also be the problem. But the real hypocrisy comes from those that use Jesus to justify their hatred of the other side. The Satanic Mechanism is at work when you can accuse the other side thinking that God is only on your side….and pulpits are full of this message. It’s a fruitless message that has nothing to do with Jesus, yet many if love the effects of it.

I know older evangelicals in my life that I don’t understand their thoughts and actions. They claim the saving life, death, and resurrection of Jesus on one hand….and yet love with unbelievable joy when Donald Trump belittles and hates on his opponents, the complete opposite of “love your neighbor as yourself”. They stand in stark contrast of each other. It seems as if Jesus is really not a foundation of absolute truth for their life but just a story to believe in when its convenient for social acceptability. Truth be told, people will change their view of God and religion if it means to fit in with a certain group… especially groups with money.

The economy is always the first thing brought up to justify Trumps unethical behavior. Yet, when you ask them to describe in detail why wage growth in the US is down, and we are more poor today because of inflation, then they scream fake news. It really is a disconnect from reality and I cannot completely understand it. It’s all about their team winning and saying that God is on their side. Yet, I would argue that God has nothing to do with their tribal acceptance. God is only a part of when you bend down and wash the feet of your friend, companion….even enemy.

evangelicalsMaybe it’s because Republicans have been hijacked by the evangelical base for the last 40 years? If you are a Republican, you can’t say words like “Social Justice” without being labelled as a traitor to the bible and freedom. Yet, Jesus may be the first to agree with such concepts. Just the same….left wing fundamentalism serves no one. The hypocritical reactions by the evangelicals just may be sealing their doom as a religious species. It’s so ironic, because if they loved their enemy instead of hated them in the name of God, then they would most likely not be on the verge of extinction. Just think about it… there’s nothing wrong with wanting a tax cut, but what will it profit a person to gain the whole world, yet forfeit your soul?

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