Jesus is the Rock

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New Horizons

The fate of evangelicalism in America hinges on this:

Do we look to JESUS in developing our conception of God, or do we look to the BIBLE in developing our conception of God?

I know what many are thinking. I know that we’ve been taught to harmonize the teachings of Jesus with the rest of the Bible and that we’ve created over-arching “systematic theologies” that explain the various covenants and laws and actions of God throughout history. From this perspective Jesus marks a radical change in how God deals with mankind. God “used to” demand sacrifices and uphold holiness codes in the Old Covenant, but now in Jesus these things are being replaced with grace, mercy and forgiveness (for some). He “used to” empower His chosen people in their killing of enemies, but now His people are called to renounce violence and love their enemies. He “used to” reward the…

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