Fake News? What About Fake Religion?

This past election cycle has been crazy. You could put it all under a circus tent because it literally is like a circus on reality TV. Maybe past elections have been like this and I just didn’t realize it….But it’s been crazy. The idea of “fake news” and “alternative facts” have truth-is-minebeen thrown out there in the last few month or so. This has all been very alarming to me. Why? Because people are taking sides in this big mess when I think it’s safe to say that we have no clue what’s actually going on. Yet we are dogmatic on our politicians and their confusing stances on policy. Just recently , Donald Trump said that “healthcare will be accessible to everyone” when on the campaign trail he said it would be provided for everyone. That’s a big difference and a big deal. They are not the same things…Yet those who champion Trump will not be shaken even though the facts have been alluded.

Doctrine does not give life, Love does. However, Doctrine is very good at taking life.

Our religion is no different. When we meet unwelcoming realizations about what we believe, we tend to brush them to the side while trying to preserve our own religion. Why not? It’s where we belong…fit in…find meaning. Unfortunately, it can be based on something that is not actually real. If it’s not real then what is it? This is fake religion….Because at this point it’s just plain made up with no foundational basis on which to stand but our own egos to try and prove that we are right. In reality we don’t know if your denomination, church, or religion is historically, spiritually, or factually accurate but we sure have been indoctrinated to think that it is and we are just fine going along with it. I have mentioned before that most evangelicals have never even heard the idea that there is more than one acceptable atonement theory held by the tumblr_lnwqamOuPI1qmqf7ho1_500church fathers over the last 2000ish years. Just about all the responses are, “I had no idea”. Then how do you know the view you hold is true…or even partly accurate when there were other views that came before yours? Just think about it. Dualistic thinking lends to this and supports the ego.

You are on a journey and be free to be on it. There shouldn’t be a religion or denomination…and especially a pastor, that is telling you they are right and all other views are wrong. Just as you want to reject “fake news”, you want to move beyond the manipulating arms of religion. Tear down that tower of babel that has been constructed around you and be free to walk on your journey. If you want to find God, then Love is the only place to start. Loving your enemies is an outward display that transformation is occurring. Doctrine does not give life, Love does. However, Doctrine is very good at taking life. It’s your choice. Jesus showed us how it all works.

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