God Is Not Dualistic…God Is On Our Side

Maybe one of the biggest problems with religion…and Christianity as an institution….is our dualistic ideology of God. To think that God has an enemy, or to place God in a situation where God has to fight to win. This way of thinking is old and spread throughout pagan religions for thousands of years….yet I think it is a imagesdamaging view of God and humanity and is very much alive today. Most christians would agree with the assessment, that God has no equal, no doubt. They think that God would never compete with the devil and is the Almighty, who is unbeatable. However, most Christians still live within the framework of dualism. Anytime someone creates an “us versus them” situation, you have stepped inside dualism. Anytime you have created an “enemy other” and used the bible to determine them as an enemy, you have put God in the dualistic box along with yourself. Any time you have used the bible to justify violence, you believe that God (good) is fighting your enemy (evil). The sure way to know that an ideology is rooted in dualism is when God has been declared to be on the victor’s side….since the story is always told from the victor’s side.

When we justify our actions as if God approves of them, we will always believe God to be on our side and not the side of those we want to conquer. For example….this is a hot topic in christianity. If we believe God has justified the dehumanizing of homosexual people because one thinks it’s evil, and we use the bible to justify it, then we have placed God in a dualistic box and we have become the satanic force in the lives of those that are being oppressed even though they are our enemy. “But what about sin?”….”we need to point it out in others!” I know…I know. We are obsessed with sin as well. Pastors love to talk about sin. That’s our dualistic influences coming out of us when we justify our pointing out the sin in others. Jesus never taught how to not sin…he taught how to love your neighbor. Love will always win over law.

I believe God is not who we think God to be. God is for us and never against us. God is on our side and has come, through the non-violent person of Jesus, to deliver hope and not condemnation. In that….God is constantly asking each and everyone of us, even our enemies, to join in the flow that is the loving community of the Trinity. You are the fourth person to the Trinity. You are always welcome to the “dance” that Jesus called the Kingdom of God. God sees you just the same as God sees your enemy. You both come from the same material…You both are important. You both are loved just the same. God breaks down any idea that there is a battle to be won against your enemy. God destroys the idea that God is dualistic in nature. Contrary to your pastor…God does not hate your enemy. The opposite is true….We make our enemies ourselves while God leaves and pursues your enemy to show they are loved and right with God. Remember….Love always wins over law.

You are Important now keep asking the hard questions. Try to step outside of the dualistic box.

Here are a few ideas of the dualism that we live in everyday …

  1. Good vs. Evil
  2. Democrat vs. Republican
  3. Liberal vs. Conservative
  4. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton
  5. Denomination vs. another Denomination
  6. Rich vs. Poor
  7. Success vs. Failure
  8. Blessing vs. Curse
  9. Material substance vs. Spirituality
  10. Evolution vs. Creationism
  11. Dark vs. Light
  12. Christian Music vs. Secular Music
  13. ….and whatever else you can see in your own life that causes you to reflect on yourself.


10 thoughts on “God Is Not Dualistic…God Is On Our Side

  1. It’s been awhile, how have you been my friend?

    Have you considered that the difficulty with dualism is not that it’s a fallacy, but rather the error is in how we exercise our understanding of it?

    We live in a world of contrast: Light/ Dark, Hot/ Cold, Soft/ Hard. These are absolute distinctions. A thing either is, or it isn’t. We can semantically dance around the truth using relativism, but all we really do is lie to ourselves. Only perception is relative, reality is absolute. Truth becomes obfuscated when we try and erase the lines that create distinction. There is nothing inherently wrong with distinction, or being different. What is wrong is when we use it as a weapon to justify oppression, violence, etc.

    In Genesis 1 we see God creating distinction between light and dark, dividing animals into their separate kinds, and so forth. God created “other,” and there is nothing wrong with that.

    In Luke 6:35 Jesus tells us to love our enemies, not that we have no enemies. So I have to ask the question again, is the error in believing that something is other than, or is it in the demonizing of it?


    1. I’m good my friend…thank you for asking.

      I would answer your question by saying it’s when we demonize it. However, we demonize something when we believe that God is on our side and not on the side of whatever we have labelled as other. Being unique is excellent and shows how we have been created in this big world. Contrast is an amazing thing within humanity….and all things for that matter.

      I see the demonic coming from us…not God which I assume you completely agree with (or demons for that matter). I’m stating the obvious. However, I think it needs to be said that we create this phenomenon. When a church is exclusive….it is demonic. When a Christian labels a muslim as lower….they are being demonic. When a muslim kills in the name of allah…it’s demonic. When a straight person dehumanizes a gay person….they are being demonic. We create that, and yet somehow it will manifest and go out of control….which is what we see everywhere today. The main way we become demonic is by saying, “God is on our side…but not yours”! We are the demonizers….yikes!


      1. I do agree with you that the demonizing is done by us, and not a judgement passed by God on that person. I think it’s hubris of the highest degree to think that our judgments, and interpretations are the basis of what God thinks, about anything. I do enjoy our conversations though, as they have so much depth. If you would be willing to entertain me, I’d like to take a little philosophical side trip here, and get into the marrow of what we are talking about when we say demonic.

        Would you say that it would be appropriate to swap out the term demonic, with evil? Would that be a fair comparison?


      2. Im fine the the word evil as well. However, I used the word demonic purely because that is a word the Bible uses or refers to. I think the Bible uses the word demon or demonic to express what evil is when it has become manifest with in us or has come out of us. The story of the demoniac in the Gospels is a perfect example. The demons, or Legion, are the evil that has become manifest within him and has taken him over. When I say evil here….I mean the lies he believed about himself said by others and the violence he thought would be the answer of his influences.
        What do you think?


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