How Much Control Does God Actually Have?

I have been forced to deal with an interesting question…”How much control does God actually have?” It’s a great question to ask ourselves. Why? Because maybe we give to much credit or put to much responsibility on God’s shoulders for the things in our lives. We are all guilty of wanting God to fix everything for us or asking God why everything is not going right. God-is-in-Control-cover-photoOr we thank God when everything is good and we blame God when things are not going our way at all. I’ve heard people say, “God I have tithed my whole life. Why did I lose my job or lose my house”? Maybe we have been asking the wrong questions. Maybe we have had the wrong mindset all along. Maybe God doesn’t have the control we think he has. Maybe we made up the idea that God is in control of everything.

What spurred on this conversation for me was reading an article called  God Punished David by Killing a Baby and Forcing his Wives into Adulterythat questioned why God would use the death of David’s son and the unfaithfulness of his wives to punish David for the Bathsheba debacle. Read it. You don’t have to agree with it (I don’t agree with his conclusion that God is evil) but at least think about the real questions that come out of it. Does God use evil to punish people? If God is Love, then why would he call for the death of anyone?  Does God actually have that much control? Be free to ask questions. If you are in a religious setting where you can’t ask questions freely…then you may be in a cult that is controlling your life. Jesus is different.

One thought on “How Much Control Does God Actually Have?

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