Religion dehumanizes those who are different. Love does not.

Paul justified his violence in the name of God…and then Jesus opened his eyes to his own religious behavior that was literally killing people. Are we any different?

defining-enemy_by-robgReligion can bring the worst out of us. It can allow us to justify just about anything in the name of God. Religion is more concerned with being right than loving another person. When we want to be right, we can belittle just about anyone around us. Powerful Pulpits can be built on a stage, while the congregation nods their heads, and point out the speck in another’s eye while they are jamming the log, not only in their own eye, but into all the eyes of those who agree with them. May we open our eyes and see that this is not God…this is not Love.

Watch this clip from the TV show the Blacklist. Raymond Reddington goes on a quick rant about how religion justifies hate. It allows us to confuse love with disgust for another person. Just ask yourself…”have I ever used my religion, church, denomination, or beliefs to belittle or shame another person?”

Ask yourself if the God you believe in justifies the disgust, belittle, control, or manipulation of another person, then maybe you need to think about who or what you believe in. If you were honest and answered these questions with a yes, don’t despair but know that you can always choose to Love. You are Important….. so ask more questions.

Author: The Religious Vortex

I want to have real, heart felt conversations on religion and how it effects our lives...the good and the bad. Why? Because I believe that religion is different than following Christ and living in the Life System He came to set us free in, which is The Kingdom of God. We need to contemplate that religion is man-made and that being in religion doesn't mean that we are in Christ.

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