You Are Important

The Bible is a long journey of God interacting with humanity. It tells stories of how humanity has failed over and over again to choose the Tree of Life and God continues to pursue and love each person. From the very start of consciousness, there has been a choice. It’s a choice that God is IMG_20160103_140147very much apart of….very much involved in…and has shown who he is and what he is all about from the very start. It starts with the idea that you are important. You, as you read this, are on the mind of God. No matter who you are…where you come from….or what you have done,  God views you as more important than himself, which most of Evangelicalism misses. You are important because you are the very expression of Love that flows from the divinity of God shown in Jesus. Every single day, you have a choice to  partake in the divine manifestation of God called “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”….equally as important to “Love Your Enemies “. You are important… Why? Because God sees you…because Love sees you….and it’s constantly asking you to partake in Life and give it freely away to those you may not think deserve it.

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