Talking to our Kids about the Gospel – Part 2

So we don’t want to be overly religious with our kids…in reality, who does? I think being a fundamentalist is something that creeps up on you and you are in it before you even know it. We have seen it in ourselves…it caused us to be shallow, overly judgmental, and very hurtful in others perception-of-fundamentalismlives. We want to talk to our kids about who Jesus is and the Good News that He came to proclaim, like I mentioned previously, but we don’t want to be dogmatic about any religion when we have these conversations with them. Why? Because being dogmatic will always lead to hurting someone else. A main point in the bringing up of our children is to help them understand the true concept of Love. Love can only be love….it cannot be anything but that. It cannot be two-faced hiding behind an ulterior motive. However, we want love to mean many other things. A lot of times, we want love to be one-sided. We feel love when it bails us out, but buries those hurting us. Or, we think love happens when another person finally believes exactly what we think they need to believe….about anything. As parents, we disagree with this line of thinking and see it as against the definition of Love that Christ showed through his life. What cannot happen is raising a generation that feels the need to draw a line in the sand to say “I’m right and you are wrong”. Then there is no difference than what is shown in the picture I have attached to this post. We cannot teach our children to live in rivalries. We cannot teach them that love can be leveraged or used for personal gain. Nor can we teach them that hurting another person is ever right in the eyes of God. What is right and “truth”, like so many fundamentalists love to say, is……simple put…..Love. May we teach them this. Oh, and I hope to be that myself. Man it’s hard to do.

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