Pro-people or blindly Pro-Israel?

Are you Pro-Israel? Or Pro-Jewish? Or Pro-Palestinian? Or should we be Pro-Anything at all? This is a big deal in the Apocalyptic, Dispensational, Eschatological, Evangelical paradigm these days. Well, it has been for years. Also, those are all big words that if we took the time to research their origin, we would be reading 875 pages on this post. earthSo we won’t do that, but it would be beneficial for you to see and learn the meanings of these words and how they affect religious beliefs in the present day. Take the time to study them if you feel the need. However, the big question…as followers of Christ, do we support Israel, no matter what, because we see the picture of Israel being restored in the bible? I read an article yesterday “Apocalyptic Israel Worship Will Be The Death Of Us All”, and it has made some great points. Are we picking sides purely because some person behind a pulpit says we need to? Are they using some Old Testament verses to make their point? Have they claimed that “God blesses those that bless Israel”? Well, this may be an evangelical stance to control you out of fear of the unknown. It happens in churches all across the world.

Fear is a big deal and most evangelicals won’t admit it when they have it. Let alone admit that they don’t know what they are talking about most of the time. The real question should be, are you Pro-People? Included in this is the idea that you ask yourself, “does anyone come before another in the eyes of Christ?” I would say no. The Palestinian is equal to the Israelite and the Israelite is equal to the Palestinian. I remember Paul saying, who I believe understood the non-violent love that came from Jesus, “there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, neither male nor female, but only one in Christ”, (Gal. 3:28). Somehow, we have to get to the point that we understand that it is Jesus who is demonstrating what reconciliation is in its truest form…LOVE. And it is available to all people…Jesus was and is Pro-People.

The obsession with the chosen people of Israel as God’s people seems to be a little misunderstood in all the fervor to capitalize on the monetary benefits of releasing books on the “End Times”. I cannot help but read the words of Jesus and see that all people, yes all people, are meant to be the “chosen people” of God. We can talk all day long on the idea of the nation of Israel, did they reject their calling, and are the prophecies in the OT meant to be fulfilled in the future for the land, but we cannot get around that Jesus came to reconcile all people back to the Father through His life, death, and resurrection. If Jesus was and is Pro-People then it may be a clue that we should be as well. Read the article that I put as a link in the post and get another view (you don’t have to agree with all of it) and consider all sides of the issue before we draw lines in the sand of who is really on God’s side. Do you have a pastor that is obsessed with end-times, has speakers in to talk about it, and publicly campaigns for Israel? Then you may need another view to balance them out in your life…they can be little overwhelming.

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