Liparos and Lampros

Ok…. This is a big deal. Read it and think about it. All followers of Christ need to see the setting and culture they find themselves in.

New Horizons

When sin entered the world through lust man became separated from God, and because of that separation we have inherited a false value system.  Thankfully, Jesus came to restore us to a true value system. Now when we are in union with God through Christ we can share His desires and we can identify what is truly valuable.

In the beginning Eve was deceived into desiring something that she didn’t need.  There was no true value in the forbidden fruit. It wasn’t filling an empty part of her soul.  She was already complete and had everything through her relationship with her Creator.  Yet she was deceived into believing that the Lord had been holding something good back from her and keeping her from reaching her full potential.  She saw VALUE in that fruit, and so she took of it and ate.

“And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being…

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