The History of Desire

This is going to be good. Go follow Peter Goodgame and see what conversations he is diving into.

New Horizons

The History of Desire:  From Babylon the Great to the New Jerusalem —

Over the last few weeks I have been engaged in some studies that have opened up a whole new realm of revelation for me having to do with mythology, anthropology, and theology.  In the future I would like to write more about this (and perhaps even share my thoughts on some upcoming podcasts) but for now I want to simply link to a few of the sources that have inspired me in this direction, which directly ties in with my research on Babylon the Great.  The masculine representation of Babylon is shown in Isaiah 14 as the King of Babylon, also known as the Antichrist, whereas the feminine representation of Babylon is shown in Revelation 18 as the Queen of Babylon, the ‘Bride’ of the Antichrist.  These symbols are the antithesis of Jesus and the Church as…

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Author: The Religious Vortex

I want to have real, heart felt conversations on religion and how it effects our lives...the good and the bad. Why? Because I believe that religion is different than following Christ and living in the Life System He came to set us free in, which is The Kingdom of God. We need to contemplate that religion is man-made and that being in religion doesn't mean that we are in Christ.

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