Today is a Great Day to…..

…love another person that we believe does not deserve it. If we view others through the lens of Christ, then we will quickly see that we are all equal and deserve to be loved and love others around us. The Kingdom of God levels everything out. Meaning the poor are as rich as anyone else. imgresThe rich are as poor as anyone else because they give their excess away. Damaged people can be loved and in turn have a heart for those who have not been loved yet. God creates in us the dire need to have other-centered love for and from  one another. Today is a great day to look at another person that doesn’t deserve a thing, in the worldly sense, and give them everything you have. Did not Christ model this for us? Are we not called to do this 7 days a week and not on lasts an hour? Do we live in the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of this world?

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