Empty Words…

Have you heard empty words from those who say they love you? Read this article to start asking yourself if you are doing it to others.

Ever have a person tell you they love you but never show an ounce of action to back it up? Church leaders that do this can give the best sermons in the world but if they cannot even say the words “I’m sorry” to another person they have wronged….. their words are empty. Sermons are not where the Kingdom of God is delivered….. it is delivered through the actions of fellowship and self-emptying love for another. God is manifested between two or more people anywhere, not necessarily at a church. Help another person out…. if you don’t really love them, then don’t say you do. The Kingdom of God is furthered by other-centered love and not by what you can get others to think of who you are. Position and status do not further it…. nor does money. Only real genuine self-humbling love shown by Jesus.

Author: The Religious Vortex

I want to have real, heart felt conversations on religion and how it effects our lives...the good and the bad. Why? Because I believe that religion is different than following Christ and living in the Life System He came to set us free in, which is The Kingdom of God. We need to contemplate that religion is man-made and that being in religion doesn't mean that we are in Christ.

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