Consumerism has us by the throat

These articles that Peter mentions here are very telling of the direction we have been heading. Read them for yourself.

New Horizons

On Drudge this morning they link to several topics that speak to the commercialization of everything.

As commerce increases, “love thy neighbor” decreases. I wish I had more time to elaborate upon this, and how we are warned about it in 2 Peter 2, but for now here are the links that I found on Drudge this morning:

POLL: 45% Would Rather Opt-Out Of Christmas…
ANALYST: ‘Retailers have basically ruined every holiday’…
‘Is it time to ban Christmas presents?’

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Author: The Religious Vortex

I want to have real, heart felt conversations on religion and how it effects our lives...the good and the bad. Why? Because I believe that religion is different than following Christ and living in the Life System He came to set us free in, which is The Kingdom of God. We need to contemplate that religion is man-made and that being in religion doesn't mean that we are in Christ.

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