If We Do Things Right….

I was speaking to a pastor in the not to distant past and was listening to his heart about certain issues. One thing really stood out to me that I have to admit is not a normal view for a pastor these days. I asked him if he had a long term vision for his church and if they were interested in eventually building a new building (since they meet in a school). And his response was refreshing to say the least. First, about the long term vision he said, “I’m just trusting God today for what we need to do today…I have no clue about the future.” Now that is a cool point of view from a pastor that is not shared from my experiences in churches. And then, when I asked him about eventually building a new building he said, “if we do things right, we will never build a building.” I mean….come on! That is a view that I can get on board with. The point is not to consume people but to empower them and get them out of the group to go love on people out in the world. A church is successful, not by their possessions or assets, but you would know it by the people bearing the fruit of the Spirit in love 7 days a week. This pastor went on to explain that their church is just a single stopping point to gather for an hour on Sunday in the midst of walking with God 7 days a week….that the point of the week is not getting to church. It’s more of a secondary issue.

I have to admit, this is refreshing to see that there are church leaders out there who are not concerned about buildings and numbers. I’m sure there are a lot more out there and I hope that believers gravitate towards them. By the way, the church I’m talking about gave away over 65% of the money it brought in to missions that love on the poor and needy around the world. If your building multimillion dollar buildings to hold a bunch of people, you cannot do that!

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