Commitment to Church

I was at a church once where the pastor was giving the history of that church and listed all of the good and the bad that had happened. Even in the midst of this sermon, the pastor admitted fault and sin of giving in to pressures of those around him that wanted specific results of the organization. I thought this was excellent…a real person behind a pulpit that realized his choices have affected people both good and bad.
Then the pitch came. He did all of this to set up an invitation to the 5000+ group to recommit to that church by signing a covenant and also asked that they would recommit to giving money every Sunday. That they can only move forward when the group as a whole bears the burden of the finances. That forward progress is the goal and it comes by sacrifice and commitment.
Is this what it’s all about? Do we gather together on Sundays to pay for things? Do we need to be asked to commit to the financial burdens of organizations? Or do we give money to the poor and needy, the afflicted, and those who have been wrongly accused? Of course we would all admit that this is not what it is all about, but I have to admit the “pitch” of the pastor to commit sure sounds like a desperate plea to keep people in his club. Wouldn’t be nice if pastors thought of their churches as places that people just stopped by while experiencing God every day of the week? That the existence of that church was not the point but it is the people that matter? Wouldn’t be nice if a pastor asked to come out side and experience what God is doing in the lives of everyday people? Would they realize that joining a club and paying for it is just not that important?

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