Church Loyalty

I had an interesting conversation this past weekend. It was not an easy conversation because it was with someone who attends the church that my family left 9 months ago. It was sad because the person clearly drew the line in the sand and chose to defend the church and pastor over the hearts of loved ones. I have to admit…if I ever do that, I hope that God convicts me. A church should never come before a person, even those that leave that church. However, protectionism is the way of survival for the religious institutions.
Wouldn’t be nice if pastors pursued the hurt and the afflicted instead of telling them “they need to get over it”? Wouldn’t be nice if pastors showed up to houses of those they have ran over and begged for forgiveness even if they were right? Wouldn’t it be nice if pastors cared more for people and couldn’t give a rip about buildings, numbers of seats and money? I believe real pastors are few and far inbetween these days and blend in more than stand in front of people and manage them. Watch out….religion is strong and it wants your loyalty!

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