7 Days a week…..

If someone acts a certain way at church on Sunday morning but differently the other 6 days of the week…..isn’t that called pretending? So why do people get into worship at church’s in a very charismatic way but don’t act like that the rest of the week? I’m talking more along the lines of how they outwardly express themselves….not inward motivation. The band starts up and they fall into a trance like state. Or they rush in to the service to experience the music. Why is this? I hear answers like “corporate worship is good” or “I just need to worship God today because my week has been bad”. These are all great answers but I wonder why people don’t act like “Sunday morning” all 7 days instead of 1 or sometimes 2 days a week. I’m just wondering because I know a lot of people that are acting one way and then jump into worship mode when it starts. Almost like they have been trained to do so. Is it possible that the religious businesses that we see today are training people how to act at a church during worship? I mean…I have personally heard a pastor stop a worship service to rebuke the congregation to get into it more. Is this typical? Should this be acceptable in churches? Should we examine ourselves to see if we need to be told how to worship God to fit into a corporate environment? Or is this a more recent development in religion? Conforming to the masses is the only way a religious business can survive….is this any different? Do people need to be managed when it comes to worship? God works in many ways but how much of it is people controlling people?

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