Friends with Religion Problems

I’m meeting with a friend right now who is just sick of religion. He has grown up in church but he just wants to be done with it, maybe. The problem is, he is sick of performing! The need from religions people around him are constantly supporting the idea that he needs to earn favor. If the deed is big enough and done with perfection, then the acceptance comes like a river. If not, then it is shut off like a dam. I’m meeting more people that feel this way. I have felt that way! Whether it should be that way or not isn’t the issue….the issue is that it does feel that way. For a lot of people.
Wouldn’t it be nice if people just wanted to be with you and love you even if you didn’t have a long list of people you witnessed to? Or even if you didn’t have a list of anything?

Author: The Religious Vortex

I want to have real, heart felt conversations on religion and how it effects our lives...the good and the bad. Why? Because I believe that religion is different than following Christ and living in the Life System He came to set us free in, which is The Kingdom of God. We need to contemplate that religion is man-made and that being in religion doesn't mean that we are in Christ.

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