Supporting Lifestyles with Tithing

We see all the time at churches how the pastor asks the clients to give money to worship God. Worshiping God is one thing, and is good and necessary in the Kingdom, but asking clients in a local church to give money that supports certain lifestyles needs to be images reevaluated. Someone who works at a church and has a big house, 2 nice cars that take a lot of gas, go on vacations, and have a social life that many could never have, is a little suspicious if they are living off of a salary that was created by the clients of the church “worshiping God”. Then, multiply that times 20-30 employees at a church and you have what seems to be a business supporting lifestyles with other peoples money. Do not let the words “non-profit” confuse you. Many churches are out there to create a profit….it’s just how they label the revenue coming in that gives it certain status with the IRS.

I have a new idea. How about the people in these churches stop giving money to the religious leaders who take up to 60% to pay for salaries, benefits, programs, office supplies, vacations, houses, assets, and even liabilities. If someone likes only 40 cents for every dollar they give to go towards helping the poor and the widows, then continue to give. If you want 100% to go towards what God wants you to be apart of, then give straight to where God wants you to give, help and support. Wouldn’t it be nice if church leaders went and got jobs to support the lifestyles they wanted and didn’t take money that belongs to the needy, poor, and widows? Wouldn’t it be nice if clients at churches were not talked into tithing to the local churches by religious leaders but were encouraged to seek God as to where money needs to go? Off course, church buildings would get smaller and pastors would have to lead cheaper lifestyles…. but who wants that….It’s the America Dream!!

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