Worshiping with money?

I have always seen the fact that churches teach on tithing and giving, but isn’t it a little funny when the church is trying to raise funds for a building to expand at the same time as a tithing message? The point from the pastor is that the clients of the church are worshiping God with their money and there will be many blessings to come if they just give a little more to meet the building budget. Prosperity Preachers love this kind of lingo. “Look at how many people we can reach with this new building”, or “We will trust that the people will come if we build it”. “We just need to have faith and give to my vision”, proclaims the pastor. So wouldn’t the extra money that was gathered be better placed in the hands of the poor, widowed and needy? Wouldn’t it be nice if the success of a group that gathers together be determined by what they don’t have because they gave it all away than what they do have because they keep it all and invested? Contrary to popular belief, a million dollar sound system doesn’t embed words any deeper. However, it does make for a better emotional experience.

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