Religion dehumanizes those who are different. Love does not.

Paul justified his violence in the name of God…and then Jesus opened his eyes to his own religious behavior that was literally killing people. Are we any different?

defining-enemy_by-robgReligion can bring the worst out of us. It can allow us to justify just about anything in the name of God. Religion is more concerned with being right than loving another person. When we want to be right, we can belittle just about anyone around us. Powerful Pulpits can be built on a stage, while the congregation nods their heads, and point out the speck in another’s eye while they are jamming the log, not only in their own eye, but into all the eyes of those who agree with them. May we open our eyes and see that this is not God…this is not Love.

Watch this clip from the TV show the Blacklist. Raymond Reddington goes on a quick rant about how religion justifies hate. It allows us to confuse love with disgust for another person. Just ask yourself…”have I ever used my religion, church, denomination, or beliefs to belittle or shame another person?”

Ask yourself if the God you believe in justifies the disgust, belittle, control, or manipulation of another person, then maybe you need to think about who or what you believe in. If you were honest and answered these questions with a yes, don’t despair but know that you can always choose to Love. You are Important….. so ask more questions.

The Authority of a Pastor is all about Control

Have you ever questioned the authority of a pastor? Well it’s OK to do so. In fact, almost all church goers should because you could be in a damaging and hurtful situation. Start asking questions.

The authority of a pastor has been a hot button for as long as I can remember. Many years ago, I remember meetings at our church where they would get a little heated. However, the conversations would always end with the pastor pulling the authority card. no-spiritual-abuseHow many can attest to this in their church? Religious institutions have preserved themselves on the idea that a pastor has some kind of authority over another. I will say, out of all the verses in the bible, the ones that seem to give a pastor any authority over another may be the most abused of them all.

Does anybody stop and think about what a pastor should really be in the life of another? Is it to stand up on stage and regurgitate all the same things you already know over and over again? Is it to guard the doctrine of your denomination (because most churches believe they have the right understanding)? Or maybe it’s to run the church well like a business so that it’s always growing and moving forward? Or, should a pastor bring themselves below those around them…not grasping for a title or lifestyle? Should they have the heart of Jesus that washed his disciples feet? With this attitude comes no spiritual abuse or desire to hold any authority over another.

Do we ever stop and think about what a pastor should not be in the life of another? Of course the bible is very clear to not lord over another, but do we allow the pastor that position to do it anyway? Is it built into the doctrine that your church believes? Do we believe they are anointed from God and it gives them some authoritative position in our lives? Is that a healthy way to view another person? Think about it and ask questions…

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You Are Important

Do you ever question if you are important?, Well you are, but you also need to know why you are important as well. Start asking your own questions as to why you absolutely are important.

The Bible is a long journey of God interacting with humanity. It tells stories of how humanity has failed over and over again to choose the Tree of Life and God continues to pursue and love each person. From the very start of consciousness, there has been a choice. It’s a choice that God is IMG_20160103_140147very much apart of….very much involved in…and has shown who he is and what he is all about from the very start. It starts with the idea that you are important. You, as you read this, are on the mind of God. No matter who you are…where you come from….or what you have done,  God views you as more important than himself, which most of Evangelicalism misses. You are important because you are the very expression of Love that flows from the divinity of God shown in Jesus. Every single day, you have a choice to  partake in the divine manifestation of God called “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”….equally as important to “Love Your Enemies “. You are important… Why? Because God sees you…because Love sees you….and it’s constantly asking you to partake in Life and give it freely away to those you may not think deserve it.

The Tree of Life by Peter Goodgame

Is Genesis to be taken as literal? Start your own questions and know that God loves you…regardless.

Here is an excellent article called The Mysterious Tree of Life by Peter Goodgame. It’s a great point tostart if you have every questioned if the Book of Genesis should be taken literally or as Hebrew literature that has wp-1452233556477.jpgbeen passed down for millenia. Enjoy digging through this article and all the others that Peter has to offer. You will only come out the back side with a lot of great questions that you will be asking yourself. Feel free to have a conversation about the issues that churches do not want to talk about. Nobody else can control you…especially a pastor of a church. Be Free and have fun.

Check it out –

The Satanic Mechanism of Religion

Do we believe that satan is a little devil lurking in the shadows trying to temp us? Or is the Satanic something that is much worse? Read this article to start asking your own questions on the satanic….maybe its us?

In this article, “Which Neighbor Should Evangelicals Love?“, you can clearly see the satanic mechanism at work in the preservationist mentality of Franklin Graham and a big portion of the Evangelical wpid-wp-1448384794926.jpgcommunity. We must start to see that we are not battling a literal created being named Satan, but the satanic principles that are capable of coming out of each and everyone of us, even those who cast out demons, prophecy, and perform miracles in Jesus name (Matt 7:22-24).  When we draw a line in the sand and define the “enemy other”, as if God is on our side and not theirs, we have very clearly become the satan ourselves. All the while, we can stand behind a pulpit and say the name of Jesus….yet the satanic mechanism is deeply at work. Just think about it…do we live in fear of death? Or do we live in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, who loved his enemies and gives life?

Churches are Exclusive Tribes…and I Think We Know It

It’s not easy to see that our churches can be Sunday morning country clubs…and clubs are always exclusive. Start asking questions about churches and how you view yours.

We get together every Sunday with the assumption that all people are welcome at our churches. At a very surface level…I would say that this is true for most religious institutionswpid-wp-1445831558461.pngHowever, something goes on inside of us that causes us to then put stipulations on those who want to be in the inner circle. Something makes us think that we need others to be fairly similar to what we think, believe, and live. What we really want is others to join our tribe….with every belief that God has blessed our tribe more than another tribe, which usually looks alot like our tribe since we copy each other. Read the cartoon…What we don’t seem to realize is, we pile up our rocks (metaphor for the box we put God in) and tell everyone around us that our pile of rocks is where God is…all the while we exclude everyone else that we dont deem worthy or who doesn’t even want to be in our tribe. Ask yourself….do you feel that your church (tribe) is where God is because they only “teach the bible”? Have you said…”Come to my church if you want to hear God“. If you said yes, you may want to think about how that feels to those who are rejected by your tribe. It hurts…and Jesus is different.

God Is Love….God Is Light

If God is Love, then maybe this should change everything we think about God? What do I mean by change everything? Start asking your own questions about the Love that is God.

If God is Love, then maybe this should change everything we think about God? What do I mean by change everything? What I mean is, if God is Love, then that should change the way we see God…see Jesus…see each other…and even see ourselves relating to God. We are obsessed with judgement and wrath, yet we talk of love and compassion in the same sentence. We want to see god-is-lighthuman versions of justice exacted on our enemies by God, all the while, we want to say that God will stand up and defend our rights and our freedoms. The results we really want is the hope that those who threaten us will be taken down under the wrath and judgement of a holy and righteous God, which we of course is on our side. But I want to ask…who has a problem with this view of God? Should we be OK believing in a God that would answer our prayers of vengeance on our enemies? We want to see justice served and we want our enemies that refuse to believe like us to experience the flames of hell and eternal torment. But if God is Love, are we not asking God to deliver something that is contrary to his very divine nature? Are we not asking God to think like us? In addition, what if our enemy’s god answered their prayers about our destruction…what then?

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